Chia Nicholas
Apr 21 · 3 min read

Plenty of restaurants and cafes galore selling the same old rice bowls but Sora Boru stands out with this 2 new creations!!! Located within 313 Somerset and they have kept their prices at an affordable range. How good is that?!

To help with long queues, they have 2 self-service kiosks for diners to order their meals themselves or you can just order via the counter. Great way to split the queues up!

Their specialties are obviously rice bowls but not limited to that as they have noodles too! (YAY)

They are cutely named DonBoru, CurryBoru (curry rice bowls), and ChirashiBoru (sashimi bowls).

To cater to big and small eaters, they regulate their portions as regular and mini size.

So what’s so great about this restaurant?

Volcano Beef Don ($7.50 / $11.90)

Resembling an erupting volcano with lava oozing down its side. They don’t skimp on the portion as there’s a small mountain of beef atop stewed cabbage with a bed of Japanese steamed rice beneath. The lava is actually Korean gojuchang. surprise surprise to find out there are some Korean elements to this. haha. Despite calling itself Volcano, the spice level is pretty mild and palatable for most people.

Snow Beef Don ($7.50 / $11.90)

I think you can guess why it’s call snow beef don… LOL Does it feel like a snow mountain that is melting coz the sun is too hot? I feel like the grated parmesan can be increased in portion and can add more of their special sweet-savory sauce made from whipping cream. Everything is the same except you can choose from bean sprouts and cabbage for both rice bowls. The sweet sauce goes well with the beef. I felt that the rice is extra silky when everything is mixed well. Thumbs up!

We used the DFD promo so we got 1 mini bowl for free! YAY for awesome promotion like this which encourages us to try out new food. We got the Bara Chirashi Ebimayo Aburi Don and soba with tempura. The chirashi although mini in size is packed full of small chunks of fresh seafood. The tempura is also fried crispy to a golden brown.

Address: 313@somerset #B3–19/20

313 Orchard Road, Singapore 238895

Opening Hours: Mon — Fri 11am — 10pm

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