What’s your process for working out your big things?
Nick Shaw

Not a dumb question at all Nick — it’s something I think about each morning when I plan my todos. I have two (somewhat competing) strategies.

One is to tackle a “really big thing” and keep it at the top of my list for a few days to keep focused on it. For instance, “Build One Big Thing App” was at the top of my list for 2 weeks when I started the project. I wanted that to be the main thing my brain was focused on. Of course, I had everyday work to do and that became my 3 little things, but my mindshare was on building OBT.

Other times, it makes more sense for me to focus on the a task for just today. Fix a bug, write a blog post, or go to the beach —the biggest thing I want to tackle that day.

They’re similar in that they’re both where I want my brain focused — but they have a very different scale.


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