So first off, this is a great in-depth piece.

My own two cents: I think that maybe the problem here is at the individual level. Ultimately we’re all humans trying to make sense of variously disconcerting and unfair circumstances. Certain groups are of course much more advantaged than others, but that doesn’t mean individuals within those groups don’t encounter unique trouble in their life. A wealthy, straight, cis white male may live with misery you or I couldn’t understand — horrible mental illness or intense life-long abuse. We just don’t know.

And so perhaps we have to be supportive and understanding of all general groups, because when you get past the high level view of a group, individuals within that group, despite their advantages, may be in desperate situations. That doesn’t mean it’s not MORE important to strongly speak about the plights of truly disadvantaged groups, but the second we start to entirely discard the pain of certain cis white men because they are who they are, a problem develops. This doesn’t mean they have to be coddled or given additional special treatment (beyond their innate special treatment in our society), but they should be given the same individual level of respect we’d give to any other human individual. Just a thought. I certainly have no answers here, and I’m admittedly a white straight male, so I have my own skewed view of the situation.

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