How To Use EasyPark In Hobart, Tasmania

Recently Hobart, Tasmania upgraded their parking meter system to be smarter and the EasyPark App was pushed to the younger generation: using how-to stickers placed on the side of the new parking meters. In a short span of time after its introduction, a lot of people were not impressed after some glitches, but it’s ok Hobart, I’m here to feed you some information on what EasyPark is and how to use it in Hobart. So hold back your “hasa diga eebowai” cursing and take a few mins to read this article.

Update: January 2019 has introduced classes for people that still don’t know how to use a parking meter. Welcome to gods waiting room, where we need classes to teach us how to use a simple device.

Image taken by Hobart SEO Consultant outside City Mill building

What is EasyPark?

EasyPark is an initiative to transform cities into “smart cities” and to provide an easy solution for finding parking spots, paying for parking via your credit card — with ease — and only paying for what time that you actually use.

I’ve been using the app for a few weeks now and I’ve had no issues, however, I was a little confused at the start as the app isn’t clear on how it should be used locally.

If you’re installing the app to find a parking spot in Hobart, you’re probably going to have a bad time because the map feature is NOT available in Hobart, and with no intention of coming here. I know, right, we miss out again… But so does Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Actually, Perth is the only city in Australia that has map data.

This information is directly from the customer service of EasyPark where they informed me “the map feature will not be going to Tasmania, however, in other capital cities around Australia the map feature will be available.” I can confirm that Perth is the only city in Australia with map data: at the time this article is being written.

Setting Up The App

First of all, the app is over 100mb and I’d recommend you install the app via a WiFi connection.

The setup process is relatively simple, and I’m sure many people will pause for a moment when asked to enter their credit card details. Don’t pause, the company is actually a global company and a payment gateway.

Once you enter all your payment information, your location details, and you can see Hobart on the map — not Africa — then you’re all set to start using the app.

Don’t be thrown off if the app says “no parking available”, as mentioned earlier in the article the map data is not going to be available in Hobart.

Area Code Means Parking Bay Number

Now, in the top right hand corner it says to put in the “area code” … There is a small communication breakdown here since we use the term “area code” often and relate it to a postcode.

The websites FAQ section does explain on a top level, but you know, that seen to be too much effort for some people to go to a bloody website. So here is the link.

Enter Area Code means Enter Parking Bay Number

I think the EasyPark Group should look into localising the application for cities they have no intention of mapping or providing any map data. In the meantime, let’s just all use the app for “pay as you go” parking and to extend parking from a distance, rather than complaining to people that aren’t even listening: you can scream at the guilty but the guilty ain’t here.

Once EasyPark have smoothed out all the bugs, the next step would be to start building solar parking structures to start pushing for more renewable energy within the state and provide more parking areas within Hobart to avoid the “one in, one out” line for the multistory lots within Town, but that’s another article for another time…

Peace out!