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Andreesen Horowitz recently announced they’ve led a $16.5 million investment in gaming company Singularity6. While I’m a huge fan of a16z in general and a big believer in the power of gaming, I am not sure Singularity6 can live up to their promises of a new social network. This is my mental thought process of why.

What is Singularity6?

Singularity6 is a video game developer that wants to create game(s?) with the mission of ‘forging alternative worlds that deepen players’ lives. In layman terms, they are creating video games where the main focus is the social aspect. I really like their overall mission — creating or deepening friendships through gaming seems to be a net positive for everyone involved.

Andrew Chen was the lead investor at a16z for the deal, and he described his reasoning behind his investment in a tweet storm.

I used to be excited to log into Facebook (and Instagram) every day and post about what happened in my life. This joy is long gone, and I find myself hesitating to post more often than I find myself actually posting. I attempt to figure why.

I first started thinking about why my behavior on the platforms changed while listening to the audiobook The Lean Product Playbook by Dan Olsen. The book covers many topics, but it all boils down to finding Product Market Fit (PMF). PMF was first coined by Marc Andreesen in his essay The Only Thing That Matters.

PMF isn’t easily quantified, but it’s easily felt. Customers can’t get enough of the product, bankers are breaking down your door to get into the deal, and you can’t hire people fast enough to keep up with the demand. In years past, I believe Facebook…

Venture Capital needs to take a serious look into esports, or risk missing a once-in-a-generation opportunity

I’ve long believed that esports are an inevitable part of the future, and I wrote a four-part position paper discussing why the industry is currently at its inflection point. But it wasn’t until I read Scott Kupor’s book Secrets of Sandhill Road: Venture Capital and How to Get It that I realized it is the perfect industry for VC investment. As a side note, I highly recommend the book, which you can find here.

In his book, Scott describes the things that VCs look for in an investment. …

Nick Chua

Retired 🎾 player, UChicago ’18, private equity analyst. Interested in all things tech, esports, and venture

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