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Alison, can you explain what exactly you mean by Franklin having more motivation than, “the drug trade is what he does?” As far as he’s set up in the pilot, he’s a smart, confident well-spoken kid who went to a “better” school and is well liked by white peers. So much so he hides himself from his boom box playing friends. Sure he doesn’t go to college to stay near his mom, which is a completely underdeveloped backstory, but can you tell me why exactly he isn’t selling cocaine because the show needs a black character selling cocaine? And you can’t say “ambition” or “hustle” because that’s exactly what the other coke dealers have, so what specifically is his motivation to let a crazy Israeli shoot a gun at him and go into debt to that same man for 12k? For a kid who obviously has plenty of options via his charm and smarts, isn’t selling drugs basically “just what he does?”