Harsh Reality of Responsibility

Men, we have a responsibility. This is an all encompassing, collective directive towards all men. If you choose to have sex and a child is born, do not walk away from that child. That child has not done any wrong, and does not deserve to live through an entire childhood confused, lost, and abandoned because you’ve chosen to be selfish. There is no excuse for you to walk away from a child. I have seen too many children, boys and girls, who have serious emotional and social issues due to the absence of a cowardly father. The abuse of abandonment will resound in the heart of that child for their eternity.

“It’s too hard to raise a child,”

— not an excuse. Time to grow up and face the world. It was not too hard to have sex, was it? Now you have a child, and walking away from that child makes you a real sack of shit.

“It’s too expensive to raise a child,”

— also, not an excuse. Quit going to the bars and smoking cigarettes, work extra hours, and do what it takes to give that kid a chance at a successful life. You can now give up all the physical things in this world that you before held highly, because you now have a child, and you now must hold this child as your highest priority.

“I don’t know how to be a father,”

— 100% not an excuse. News Flash!! No one knows how to be a father. If you give the child the time of the day, attention, love, appreciation, care, encouragement, then you will do okay. Be a decent human, then you will be at least in the ball park of being a good father. When you walk away from that kid, you fail no one more than that child. That will be the mark you’ve left on the world, an abandoned child.

It breaks my heart to see so many children without positive fathers/male mentors in their lives, leaving them lost and confused, chasing after anything to fill the crater of emptiness that the father has left with his bombshell of abandonment. My dad always told me, “There is not a rule book on how to be a good dad, you just need to be there.” We will make mistakes, we will screw up. I always said that my biggest fear in life is being a shit father, but the only way I could be that is if I run away from the responsibility of being a dad. Just show up. Give the love the child deserves. It will be challenging, but I can only imagine the pay out is worth it. I know, without a doubt, it will be for the child.