Happy Birthday Workplace by Facebook, how are you doing?

Workplace: Official 1st anniversary today, and “we’re only at 1%”

Happy First Birthday Workplace, going out to all the Workplace team, Customers and Partner network.

The ad in the FT today prompted me to suggest some things we’ve seen at Work Networks that we think are worth celebrating from the first 12 months.

Fast adoption — Over 30,000 companies are now connecting their people with Workplace, and quickly achieving previously unheard of levels of activity (we’re talking > 80% weekly active users being common place). These projects tend to move at an insane pace, because they can.

Workplace Live broadcasts — seeing CEOs, MDs, senior leaders (and many others) opening the doors to their meetings, presentations, travels, thoughts and more via Live broadcasts into chosen Workplace Groups.

Connecting the whole organisation — Field based people connecting with each other and with office based colleagues, allowing frontline information flow never before seen (from retail environments, to factories, to field sales agents. Best practice being shared, management and peer to peer recognition received, internal communications achieved.

Connecting across language barriers — automatic translation is amazing, finally allowing people to be themselves, post in their own languages and allow anyone to understand them. This has been beyond useful rolling out Workplace globally.

New Product Development and Innovation — New products being developed by cross functional, cross-geographical teams, enabling incredibly fast speed to market, and indeed products that otherwise wouldn’t exist

Polls inviting input from across the business straight to the top — C-Suite leaders engaging directly with colleagues at all levels via dynamic weekly polls, whether as “mood-o-meters”, or involving people directly in prioritising challenges and shaping business strategy. This is a long way from the off the shelf annual engagement survey.

Replacing traditional event apps with Workplace and Work Chat — Accelerating senior leader and other stakeholder adoption by using Workplace pre, during and post events. One of the best ways to enhance an event or conference, and to gain visible senior leader endorsement of the platform.

Partners working with partners — from bots gold rush, to fundamental integrations (Sharepoint integration anyone?) there are partners developing everything and anything. And Workplace partners are a passionate bunch, all aligned by the knowledge that together changes everything.

Internal Comms teams leading the way — we’re really seeing IC taking the lead, working well alongside IT and HR. This is helped massively by Workplace’s ability to have clear target audience announcement and discussion groups. They cater perfectly to IC needs, successfully bringing comms and collaboration to one place and expanding the importance of IC teams everywhere.

These are just some of the highlights we’ve seen working with forward thinking companies like Danone, pladis (McVities, Ulker, Godiva), Coty, Weatherbys Bank, and more.

Big thanks, Happy Birthday and well done everyone involved. Together does indeed change everything : )