History tends to repeat it’self. People tend to ignore history.

Investment schemes have plagued honest investors for years.

Whether it’s Bernie Madoff (who “made off” with the most money out of any ponzi to date) , Bitconnect, or the new shiny imitations we see today, people are getting hurt and losing money.

Recently I have seen an “investment bot” making the rounds in the Litecoin community. I genuinely care about the Litecoinfam on twitter, and sat down to write this as a general PSA on crypto ponzis.

What is a Ponzi?

Instead of regurgitating a definition of a ponzi scheme, I am going to explain the steps I would go through in order to make my own. …

After a suggestion from ecurrencyhodler and @theliteschool from twitter

( Two great guys)

I decided to do a short guide on Satoshis.place, a new creative way to bring LN awareness and have fun while doing it.

Satoshis.place allows users to cooperatively or competitively color pixels on a shared canvass.

Image for post
Image for post

Each pixel is only one satoshi. As the player colors, the price is approximated on the side. In the Image below, I randomly spread white dots around in preview mode, 176 pixels to be exact, which would cost me about one cent USD to post to the canvas.

Image for post
Image for post

Now that we understand what Satoshis.place is, we can move on to using it. …

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