My Achilles Heel

I know that I said today’s post will be dedicated toward a part 2 discussion on fear … but…. things change and something came up that I don’t want to not talk about.

I will write about fear tomorrow.

With that, let’s chat about — habits.


Mmm.. not really.

disclaimer- i am using this post as a chance to go on a small rant about something that’s been bothering me, if you’re not into it, perhaps it’s better you skip today’s blog.

And now.. back to the blog.

I want to walk about habits.

Really, I just want to talk about one habit in particular. I call this habit my achilles heel. I have been trying to implement it in my life since high school and after trying countless techniques and other things with no avail, this post is feels like my last leg to stand on to finally make this work.

What’s the habit?

Waking up at 6am, consistently (5+ days a week).

For most people, this is not the hardest thing in the world to master. Yet, for some reason, i have fallen in and out bouts where I have made this work and then not made work for months at a time.

That. ends. here.

I had an idea this morning after disappointedly starting my day at 9am (I am a diva in the morning, 9am is late for me).

My idea was this —

This entire time (journey of trying to be up at 6am) ha involved my trying to THINK myself into waking up. From finding the right reasons, to figuring out new ways to wake up, to creating new bizarre sleeping schedules… I feel like I’ve tried so much.

It’s time I try something new and I have to admit, I am excited. I think this one is going to work.

Here it is —

Overly simplistic right?

And it’s just what I need.

Here’s the thing, I have been learning recently that habit hardly lives in our head, it lives in our nervous system (our bodies). So, THINKING your way out of things rarely works. What does work is changing the habit itself by going to place where it resides — the body.

What do I mean?

Well, when i wake up, I stay in bed and think of reasons to get up.

This shit does not work for me.

What does and will work is not thinking at all and no matter how tired I feel, just putting my feet on the floor, standing up, and starting by day without stopping to think twice about anything.

Of course there will times wherein I start thinking and will want to fall back asleep, but, my goal is to eventually phase out of those times until this becomes a part of who I am.

Now, you may be wondering — why am I doing all of this?

Because in my experience, waking up early adds a different kind of enjoyment to my days. It allows for me to spend some uninterrupted time with myself, do things i enjoy, and engage in the privilege in seeing the sunrise each morning.

Gah, I love that.

I will leave you with this — it is not the time we spend in our lives that we will remember, but, the moments. The moments we spend with others AND ourselves … the moments where magic happens.

I am excited.

I am off to bed soon, so, I will talk you guys tomorrow.

Peace and Love.


P.S. I know you won’t really be able to tell whether or not im keeping my promise as we go here, so, you will have to just take my word of honesty for it when i update you.

Here we go.