Reflecting In NYC

This post was written to this song, if you can, listen while reading —

As I’m sitting in an uber ride back toward Lagaurdia (an airport in NYC), I looked back and took a final glance at the infamous, New York City skyline.

Ah, what a trip.

My travel partner (aka my sister) is fast asleep, my uber driver patiently navigates through traffic as the car continues to hum along, the weather is clear and crisp, and for a moment, I’m able to just take it all in.

There is something surreal about following your heart.

This trip reminded me that although you may be lead far away from where you live, the essence of your journey is inward, and that you are really always being lead back home.

The meeting yesterday exceeded my expectations.

What’s next will keep my on my toes.

For now I know that I am returning home with a new frame of mind, one that I hope I can share and use to light up others.

It’s a frame of clarity and peace.

Oh and before I forget … my biggest takeaways from my meeting.

Ironically, they weren’t from Gary Vaynerchuk. They were from DRock — Gary’s right hand man in filmmaking (Drock travels and films for Gary, everyday, always).

After spending the better part of a year side by side with Gary, Drock shared with me his two biggest insights from working with him.

These insights soon turned into the two biggest insights I took away from the meeting.

The first is about patience. Drock showed me that you don’t need anything from anyone, ever. And if you approach life from that standpoint, then you can just be nice. And being nice creates good vibes, and when good vibes happen…well, then good things happen.

The second was a lesson about self awareness. Simply put — know yourself. What you’re really good at will allow you to win, you will make it work, and most importantly, you will be happy because you will always make meaningful progress within it.

The funny thing is that both of these ideas (patience and self awareness) are the root of Gary’s philosophy, and even after following him for so many years, I feel like I am only just beginning to really understand what they mean.

I am not sure there is anything left to say other than — do more and keep hustling.

Thank you Gary Vaynerchuk, DRock, Tyler, and the team at Vayner for making these past few days some of the most memorable of my life to date.