Nicholas Dancer
Nov 8, 2019 · 1 min read
Sacral Chakra Opening. Alexis Dancer, ArtC

I want it.

Not just a bit,

not afraid to admit,

something is brewing inside of me.

Directed one way, I’m labeled as a misfit.

People around me asking “You want a hit?”

Another way my life is filled with


…stock split

…can you spare with a bit?

They say “He’s got his ‘stuff’ together, 100-legit.”

I’m looking for greatness,

but it can’t come in one big move.

I’ve got to stay steady, find that groove.

I know there’s a flow,

a rhythm to get in,

but right now it seems so black and white.

Which path is right?

It seems I have to choose

or I might get stuck

where I don’t want to be.

But I want to BE…be everything.

to you,

to me,

to God,

our boys.

content, happy, filled with joy.

I’ll put in the work,

I’m not afraid of that.

I’ll show up.

But much of it seems,

to be just busy -

never enough.

not overflowing

just trying to fill my cup.

Is there one moment where it will all make sense?

or is it just a process to be taken

to fully see God, myself — all as one….

THAT’S. The moment I


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