An open letter to landlords

Photo by 毛 祥 on Unsplash

Why We Started Block

Here, my darling children, is what we stand for, and why.

It was an exhausting weekend. [Sample of 1st phase of typeface redesign, only caps.]

“Type hides its methods.” —Matthew Carter

A sample of the typeface I’m going to be scrapping and starting from scratch. I hate this. I’ve redesigned this masthead 10 times using better fonts, but part of this experiment is about embracing discomfort.
  1. I am bad at finishing side projects, and I want to improve
  2. I have been “designing” this typeface for about 2 years already, and I’m…

Nick Dazé

Co-founder of @pocketlist . Bucky Fuller wannabe. he/him/his #LongLA

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