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  • Vendor : Sam Bakker & Karthik Ramani
  • Product Name : Social Connect — Lead Generating Chat System
  • Launch Date : 2016–01–23
  • Launch Time : 11:00 AM EST
  • Front — End Price : $27
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Today, thanks to internet, making business has more and more become effective. Customers and sellers are closer together. However, the easier finding customers do, the more difficult it is to keep them. Many businesses have their own websites to make a bridge between them and customers. The trade becomes easier when all the essential information about the business is shown on the website. In addition, to help solve customer problems, by traditional way, the company will hire an operator answering service for customers. In this way, users often feel uncomfortable and have to take some cost. That’s why many businesses directly integrated chat programs available to quickly resolve user issues. Integrating a chat to website help users extremely easy to connect social software, and allow customers and sellers can chat with each other directly. For this reason, this feature is more and more used widely by many companies. Today I want to share to you a program like that. In the Social Connect review, I will present the experience while working it.


Social Connect is the innovative software for business website by providing mechanisms live chat between customers and sellers. Administrators easily manage website with chat functions such as: view chat history, choose multiple language chat, access as guests, the notification dialog box. In addition using chat channel to answer questions for customers, Social Connect also provides a commentary website. Users can leave comments, questions and requests. Social Connect will help sellers entire comment statistics and provide mechanisms auto-responder. The next section of the Social Connect review, I will present the context in which I have experience with Social Connect.


1. Setting chat channel

With Social Connect, building a chat channel is simple and easy.

Recommended install and configure the chat function on your website, follow these steps:

Step 1: From the main interface program, selecting Add Chat Function.

Step 2: Enter domain and the list of function you’d like to add.

Step 3: Enter domain management page.

Step 4: Configure accounts chats including name, gender, condition. In this section you can indicate the IP backlist not used the chat function to limit the status of virtual private message.

Step 5: Check the information and complete the installation. After successful installation, the user can see the icon configured chat available. Applications will be notified of the state support, the state includes: ready, busy, unavailable. From there, the user can recognize the current status. In addition, the chat program supports different types of language allowing users the option. So, if supporters just know one language, what should they do? You do not worry because all languages will be integrated compiler switch to a default language specified in the configuration.

Chat is an indispensable function for sales websites, especially when enterprises provide online sales service. The support can quickly answer the customer’s question about the product. After each chat, the app will automatically record the history that allows supporters understand customer demands after each conversation. This is extremely important, because when you understand the personality and needs of users, you will easily make suggestions, products or services that fit client request.

2. Management of user comments

The quality of goods and services can’t be improved without comments and user reviews. Social Connectgives you a page that allows users to comment and ask questions about products and services. Comment website was designed intuitively and fully customizable through configuration. Social Connectprovides automatic feedback mechanism. With this mechanism, you can configure the default message when there are new comments or behavior in comments page as: auto approve, moderate or delete automatically. Additionally, users can like or dislike with the previous comment.

3. Increasing efficiency through email support

Posting comments or chat asks user to provide contact information or create your account. However, if in case the user does not want to create an account, you can use as a guest. Creating an account is also linked via Social Connect supporting to social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter. Users simply log in to their account on the social networking site and certify that allows programs to read data profile. This allows the seller to get the email client.



Social Connect is truly a useful tool, as a bridge between customers and businesses. If you use function ofSocial Connect well, you can find a lot of new customers and get more business opportunities in the future.Social Connect is an effective channel for collecting customer information in order to cater to the marketing activities. Through the Social Connect review, I really expected Social Connect becomes an irreplaceable tool for your website. I hope this review is useful for you.

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