A children’s story about Starbuck’s new rewards program.

One day Howard opened a coffee shop.

Howard was a nice man, and he made coffee and muffins for his community.

Howard noticed that some people came everyday and kept giving him business. Howard was thankful.

Occasionally, he would give them a free drink and say, “have this one on the house.” It was a kind gesture from the Howard to his customers.

As the business grew and grew and grew, Howard wasn’t able to be in the store as often, hence he lost track of who was a frequent customer.

Howard’s problem was, he still wanted to say thank you. And boys and girls, that was how the Starbucks Rewards program was born.

People from the all over the world would register a card and every time they visited? They would get a star. After 12 stars the customers would be rewarded with something on the house.

Howard found a systematic way of saying to his customers, “Thanks for the business, have something on the house.”

But then, people realized that if they rang up items individually they could rack up stars more quickly. People didn’t realize Howard was intending to reward visits, not every individual item.

Howard was tired of giving away a $7 “chicken santa fe” sandwich every time he sold $24–30 worth of coffee and muffins.

So Howard changed the system, so he could still say thank you, while not getting exploited by his broken system.

Some of the customers were very very angry.

But many of them didn’t realized that they weren’t entitled to free stuff. They did know Howard was just trying to say thank you.

So instead of letting people take advantage of his rewards program, Howard changed the system. It meant that people weren’t rewarded as often as they were used to.

But hey, they still got what they paid for.

The moral of the story: People often feel entitled to what feels normal.

But remember boys and girls, Howard wasn’t being mean to them by changing the system, he just stopped them from taking advantage of him.

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