Stop writing Facebook statuses Right Now! (…And use Medium instead)

You’ve probably heard that 90% of what you communicate is non-verbal. Or how about this one, “How you say it is equally important to ‘what you say’.” It’s not different in our social-media world.

Welcome to“Medium”

To all my friends who should be writing books or blogs, write here. Please?

2 Reasons to write on Medium

1. You have something amazing to share

People listen to you. Your story, thoughts, and beliefs are valuable. Do us all a favour and share them with us.

2. Genre Matters

So you have a thought that is too robust for a Facebook status. Medium. Don’t want to commit to a whole theme that a blog should have? Medium.

So give your world your thoughts. Your more thought-out thoughts.

Let’s just be real. For most of us, it’s hard to commit to a lengthy well written blog. And if we do write it, most of our people won’t commit to reading lengthy posts about it. I believe ‘Medium’ is the happy (wait for it…) medium.

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