Looks AND Sounds Great; It Must Be A Gibson Les Paul

Review and photos by Nick Eng

When it comes to renowned guitars, Gibson pretty much takes the cake. Guitarists such as Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, and George Harrison have all owned and played a Gibson guitar.

But probably no other guitar, or other Gibson guitar, is more recognized than the Gibson Les Paul model. The model in this feature is the Gibson Les Paul Traditional 1960 Zebra. It has a maple top and a maple fretboard along with a mahogany back with a slim 1960s style neck. This is all topped off with a cream binding.

The Gibson Les Paul Traditional 1960 Zebra in a Trans Red finish.
The mahogany back of the Gibson Les Paul Traditional 1960 Zebra.

The classic Gibson headstock features the Mother of Pearl Gibson logo, along with a gold scripted “Les Paul Model.” Turn the headstock over, and you’ll find vintage style Tone Pros Keystone tuning pegs.

The Gibson Mother of Pearl logo with the gold scripted “Les Paul Model.”
This Les Paul model features vintage style tuners.

The pickups on this guitar is where the model gets its name. The 1957 style “Zebra” pickups are uncovered humbuckers in a black and white coloring. They are machine coiled and provide the bite that Les Pauls are known for.

Here’s a close up of the “Zebra” style pickups.

This wonderful sounding and gorgeous guitar comes in three finishes: Trans Red, Satin Honeyburst, and Satin Gold. This little piece of revitalized history has all of the renowned grit and bite that Gibson Les Pauls are known for. Whether you’re an intermediate player looking to upgrade your gear or a seasoned veteran reaching into the past, this guitar will surely please!

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