Verdi’s Response to the 2017 Nevada Flood

The community of Verdi, Nevada experiences a changing landscape after the 2017 Nevada Flood.
Many roads created hazardous driving conditions due to flooding and quick freezing.
Verdi resident Alexander Ybarra, 22, says the flood was a new experience for him. “My house is on a hill, so I was never in as much danger as other houses, but I like to watch the river flow. It hasn’t been this full since the 2005 flood.”
With river speed picking up, debris passes through the community at an alarming rate.
Resident Linda Poncia says the recent flood is similar to the larger flood from 1997. “The floods are similar in the fact that they were triggered by a ton of rain in the mountains which melted a lot of snow.”
With temperatures varying, the downpour in Verdi consists of a mix of rain, sleet, and snow.
Ybarra says that local Crystal Peak Park saw an unprecedented amount of flooding. “The park has always been a fun hang out spot, but I’ve never seen it so badly flooded.”
Though the flooding has stopped for now, Verdi is preparing for a long winter season full of rain and snow.
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