Past Two Weeks

Today is 19th November, Saturday. I just ended a 1-hour massage at Tiong Bahru Plaza, and I’m now walking home. Sky looks a little ominous, and I can feel a slight drizzle, so I better hasten my steps and be home quicker.

Anyway, the past two weeks have been rather tough. This week, in particular, has been punishing. Worked late into the night for all five weekdays. But I guess it can’t be helped, because the peak period of my department coincides with the one key event that I’m handling for Rec Club. So, what needs to be done has to be done.

I certainly wouldn’t see the long hours over the past two weeks as an unfortunate thing (well, it would be unfortunate only if I can’t manage to get things done for both my department and Rec Club, but I think I’m still faring fine on that front). In fact, I would see it as fortunate — it is something that trains me up. And I’m glad for that.

The past week has also been great, because I attended two of Piyush’s speaking engagements. One was the Fintech Conference, and the other was the NTUC seminar. Pretty good stuff, I must say. Storyline and key points came across very clearly in his speech, and I was very impressed by three things

  1. His excellent oratorical skills
  2. His ability to read, retain and regurgitate facts and numbers
  3. His enthusiasm and pride in overseeing and promoting the transformation of the bank

Ok, I managed to get home before the downpour. I’m safe and dry.