Running Towards a Brotherhood

IFC Men’s Walk

It was a regular friday evening at Longwood University for most ungrad students, but for Greek life it was one of the biggest events of the year. IFC men’s walk is an event that the greek office puts on to announce which new members each greek organization will be receiving. This event is a special event as you hear every fraternity chanting and shouting with excitement, sororities line up on the sides cheering on everyone running to join the Greek community and spectators are on the side watching and seeing everything occur at once.

Lining up for when they run towards their chosen fraternity, the new guys have a lot of waiting around and signing papers as they anticipate what awaits for them. Seth Williams who ran to Phi Kappa Tau explains “once you line up to actually run towards the fraternity that you chose, your heart drops a little, but you know you made the right chose”

Sigma Nu

Fall semesters at Longwood University have always been a smaller rush groups in the past but this year was shocking for the Greek Community as they only received 30 guys signed up for rush. Phi Kappa Tau received 3, Sigma Nu received 2, Theta Chi received 2, Alpha Sigma Phi received 4, Pi Kappa Phi received 5, Phi Mu Delta received 5 and Gamma Psi received 7. This is a small number compared to previous years, but Greek office sees a positive side to the whole situation. Jaylin Mason, VP of Recruitment for IFC explains, “Although the numbers were low this semester, I don’t see it hurting us in the long run, this new freshmen class has a record number of guys coming in this year as well as a record number of guys interested in Greek life.”

Tyler Jones, Recruitment chair for Phi Kappa Tau says “we hope to see lots of

Phi Kappa Tau

freshmen guys go greek this spring, I think will be a really strong semester for Greek life as a whole.” As every recruitment chair for different fraternities start to plan for the spring as soon as they can. IFC men at the greek does not have a formal recruitment that they go through to be able to get new members so they rely on having to go looking for their own in order to keep their fraternities alive.

As we move on this semester from an exciting men’s walk, we see fraternities plan had and start to prepare for next semester as they look for new possible members to recruit. Keep a lookout for the momentous event of mens walk next year as we see the new freshmen class find out which brotherhood they will be running too.

Theta Chi
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