UVA loses Eight to the Season

UVA’s Uphill Battle

In this 2017–2018 college football season, UVA went to this season facing an uphill battle. Going into their season opener against William and Mary, they had to fight against one of their biggests loses yet. UVA had eight of their starting players out for the season opener game.

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As they continued the season, UVA continued to find out that four of their players will be out for the season. After explaining his injury, wide receiver, Cole Blackman “my injury may be a minor set back in my career, it just means for a major comeback. ”

WIde Receiver Cole Blackman

This season has become of their biggest upsets that the school did not expect. As the team continued into the season with the amount of injuries that they have gone through, the have been able to survive and go into a 4 -1 record.

Malcom Cook, outside linebacker for UVA that his lower extremity injury put him out for a few games, but he thinks that once the team is fully healthy, they will be able to keep winning.

Outside Linebacker Malcom Cook

Cornerback, Tim Harris has been working to his full potential to get back onto the field as soon as he can. “Although i’m out for the season, it doesn’t mean I am done for the season.”

Cornerback Tim Harris

As team continues they will need to fight to keep everyone else healthy as they bring these injured players back as soon as they can. As the players fight their injuries, the UVA team will hope to continue their good streak of wins as they go up against Boston College, Pitt University, and Georgia Tech within the next few weeks.

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