The enigmatic tech oligarch has been all over the news lately. Some thoughts…

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He’s one of the most admired and studied men in the world — and one of the most viscerally hated. He is an entrepreneur who has amassed wealth unprecedented in human annals — while many of his employees struggle to make ends meet. He almost singlehandedly revolutionized the e-commerce industry — yet at times risks cannibalizing it.

He is Jeff Bezos.

At the very mention of Jeff Bezos, most people seem to have an instinctive reaction. Whether you’re the President of the United States using playground name-calling techniques, a sleazy conspiracy magazine using stolen private messages for leverage, or an average person who uses Amazon to buy presents every holiday season, you probably both know who Bezos is and have a gut reaction to him. …


Nick Frankowski

Here lies an outlet for a young man’s meandering thoughts. | [ Ad Meliora ]

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