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This is the story of a podcast. My podcast. It’s not a universal story, it’s a personal one. But I can’t pin your podcast to the lab table and dissect it like a frog; I can only do that to mine. In the years I’ve spent working professionally in the podcast industry, I’ve consistently wished that more people wrote/spoke on the behind-the-scenes grind that is making a podcast, so now that I have a discrete, finished case study, it’s time to gut that amphibian.

The Background

I am, predominantly, a current affairs podcast producer. I run a small company, Podot, and make a number of big(ish) British politics podcasts, like the New Statesman Podcast, A Podcast of One’s Own with Julia Gillard, and Polling Politics. …


Nick Hilton

Writer. Podcast entrepreneur. London. Interested in politics and the media. Co-founder podotpods.com Email: nick@podotpods.com.

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