Summer And Beyond

From music to computer science, here’s an update on what’s to come from the team.

From, CC0 Public Domain image

#1 — Music At Wake Forest University

After several projects in early 2017, the production team behind the critically-acclaimed Jayburn (Matthew Colburn) hit, “No Pressure”, have been taking the summer easy.

However, the next target for a wave of new content and experiences is Fall 2017. One hundred plus instrumentals and remixes have been crafted and cleared for Wake Forest University artists, athletic matches and community-wide events. Konan Beke, who dropped his “Kontrol EP” in late 2016, is slated to make a return with his debut LP in Q4 2017.

#2 — Our Friends In Tech

Fellow colleague and coding genius Sulama Traoré represents what it means to be ahead of the curve. Memyo is the social media application for the Experience Age. Working closely with the team at Memyo, we are prepared for the application’s launch soon. Several media publications have backed the app already, priming it to take on the industry with cutting edge design and meaningful content.

#3 — Association For Computing Machinery

After the sweeping success of Wake Forest University’s first ever hackathon, “Wake Hacks Zero”, the WFU Chapter of ACM is preparing to initiate an annual series of hackathons. “Wake Hacks 2018” will be the first event of its kind, slated for a Spring 2018 event date.