After 20 years of theater and film casting, this is the one thing I look for in an actor’s audition…
Lance Eliot Adams

Hey Lance, loved the article, great read. This article cannot be closer to the truth of what it takes to have a great audition/performance. As a performer of almost 10yrs now, I’ve just now started to discover my true self in the audition room. As simple as it sounds, it really is difficult to connect on the simplest level and be yourself. When asked what I’ve done to get roles in the past, I simply say “I go in not pretending to be anyone but myself.” The audition process for me has become so casual that I’ve finally discovered what it means to “be yourself and have fun.” It took me almost 9 years and 100+ auditions later to figure this all out, but I’m glad I did. Good to find someone who understands the concept of connecting and living in the moment.

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