“The biggest eye-opener for me is oftentimes — and this is true, this is an evolution of my predecessor Ed Felten’s theorem — where if you have a room of policymakers and technologists, the technologists say, “The lawyers should fix it,” and the lawyers should say, “The technologists should fix it.” From the outside, people would call for the government to fix an issue or for them to bring an enforcement action or to regulate, and it’s not that easy. I think the end solution will be a combination of civil society calling out the issues, [the] press highlighting issues, policymakers making policy for the critical ones, but then companies trying to lead by example and do the right thing on certain avenues because sometimes the people in the best position to fix these things are the actual companies themselves or the practitioners. So the biggest eye-opener is that it takes a village.”

Can Washington protect us from our own devices?
Danny Vinik, www.politico.com