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What happens when humans live their entire lives among hundreds of thousands of others inside buildings that are kilometres high?

The year is 2381 and we experience the lives of Urbmon Monad 116’s citizens — a 3-kilometre tall building with over 800,000 individuals distributed over 25 cities.

It is only one of the many monads that house the over 70 billion human population on the planet.

Human civilization is growing vertically and apart from the socio-computers, not many know of the old days when humans spread horizontally. …

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Android and iOS currently command a combined total of about 99% of the global mobile operating systems market, with Android 3 times as popular as iOS.

While the two platforms provide a mostly similar user experience and access to the same hardware functionality like GPS, camera and notifications the building blocks and native app development processes couldn’t be more different. Therefore both requiring costly engineering talent to build.

Having a single code base that churns out identical versions of an app on both platforms has been the elusive holy grail of mobile app development.

Cross-platform mobile app development has been around for a while. Over the recent years, the market has aggregated towards a split between iOS and Android making the two platforms the focus for hybrid apps. But cross-platform frameworks have had a bad rap mostly because of a perceived compromise in quality and performance plus difficulty fully accessing the various mobile platform APIs. …

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Somewhere along reading this book, having also seen Ayoade as the adorable geek in IT Crowd and watching some of his interviews online I realized that I have actually heard him use the phrase “Take your top off” in three different unrelated contexts.

What are the odds that a half Norwegian, half Nigerian, British man would use that phrase so often? …


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