Why The Kindle Oasis Has Made Me Re-Consider Physical Books

I love physical books as much as the next bibliophile. There are quite a few possessions one can easily revere as much as hard copies of their favorite books.

However, the weekly trips to the book store to keep up with my Goodreads Challenge and the frequent disappointment of not getting what I’m looking for wasn’t helping keep my passion for physical books alive. So I did what any human with waning hope on the natural world do; I turned to technology.

After a few weeks of the Kindle app on Android I started to miss “real books” because of the lacking book-like feel and phone notifications that were made even more distracting by Google’s terrible idea of introducing chat heads. Yes, I used air quotes to refer to physical books. Something I definitely would never do before I tried the Kindle Oasis. On top that, I’m not sure any eye-doctor would recommend normal phones for regular reading.

The Oasis is Kindle’s latest release, and currently my most precious device. Friends and family know I won’t let them touch it without my supervision. And if you remove the cover — which doubles as a battery power bank — it’s probably lighter than your phone.

One of it’s main selling points is the battery life that is supposed to last for up to 3 months. Now while I’d like to shove this device down everyone’s throat, the battery doesn’t last for months as is advertised. Obviously this is affected by different things including the level of your screen brightness, network traffic and frequency of use. From my experience, on 1–2hr of daily use(half the time at night with brightness at 9/20) and Wi-Fi off most of the time it can only manage about a couple of weeks. It still gets a 5 star rating from me though, one less device to worry about charging everyday.

There’s a Wi-Fi only version, and a higher priced version that also comes with 3G. I‘m not an additional $70 dollars for 3G on a Kindle is justifiable. But to each their own.

Like other recent versions of the Kindle it comes integrated with Goodreads, which will save you the trouble of manually updating your Goodreads shelves. And the backlighting which is it very easy on the eyes is an additional plus. During the day you can read it in natural lighting, and save your battery while at it. At night you could also use a lamp if its light is too much on your eyes.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to give away my copy of “The Hidden Reality” anytime soon. However, it may be a while before I visit a “real bookstore” again.

Kindle Oasis - Karura Forest

For a more in-depth review check out https://www.engadget.com/2016/05/02/amazon-kindle-oasis-review/