hi Nick, thanks for the response.
Achala Arunalu

I did not intend criticism of militant politicised Buddhist monks to be a criticism of Buddhism, which I hold in high regard. My view is that Sri Lanka needs to disestablish Buddhism as the state religion so that where conflict might arise between Buddhism and the needs of an emerging capitalist state economy, the needs of the state (and ALL its citizens of whatever ethnic and religious background) will prevail.

Meanwhile, I have much sympathy for Buddhists who see encroachment by Islam, an aggressively proselytising religion and organ of state domination, as a real problem, just as it is in Europe and elsewhere. At the same time, the Tamils, who instigated a hugely damaging and murderous 40-year insurrection (with the help of India) in pursuit if an impossible dream, are to a great extent reaping what they sowed. Sri Lanka is not only a Buddhist state, it is a representative parliamentary democracy, which is by definition majoritarian. Minorities cannot demand that the will of the majority be over-ruled by dictat, particularly where they are demanding the creation of a separate sovereign state, which the Sinhalese majority would never agree to under any circumstances, and rightly so.

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