The Problem With “Call Me By Your Name”
Andrea Merodeadora

There is no problem with ‘Call Me By Your Name’. There IS, however, a problem with not being able to see the difference between a consensual sexual relationship between a 17 year old, and a 24 year old, when the 24 year old is clearly in no position of power over the 17 year old, and is respectful and loving. There is a problem with trying to equate ANY of what’s going with the abuses of power recently brought to light, with what happens in CMBYN. Don’t let it escape your attention that the entire thing unfolds before Elio’s parents eyes, and they’re loving and supportive in every way. Oliver in no way preys on Elio. In fact, he attempts to stave him off at a couple of points. Oliver’s character is what is important, as well as Elio’s level of emotional maturity, not their chronological age. And before you start to judge me on any of this, I was sexually abused as a child, and am the parent of three teenagers, so I have some experience with all of this. If my 17 year old wanted to date a 24 year old, I’d be concerned far more with WHO that 24 year old was a person, rather than the fact they were 24.

By the way, a Lolita comparison is completely inappropriate.

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