How to get hired as a junior web developer (it’s hard but you can do it!)
Zell Liew

“First, it’s not about getting a job”
“You must first know where you want to go before you can get there. If you want to get just any job, you’ll end up trying to learn everything and getting nowhere.”

Disagree with both of these. Careers are a long haul, you don’t have to know your exact career trajectory before you even enter the market. You might decide after working on one technology that you really want to work with something else, or with a different type of company (maybe a startup with poor job security is no longer a great choice for somebody with 3 kids, etc) People without experience aren’t even making it through the automated resume readers, let alone getting to an interview. For your first job it’s less about picking the “perfect job” and more about getting your foot in the door to open the doors to the jobs you want down the road.

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