If you’re anything like me, you’ve been on a lot of video conferences recently.

So you’re most likely feeling pretty confident about using tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

But there are probably still plenty of little things you don’t know that could help make a big difference to how you use them — keyboard shortcuts for example.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are like an old friend you don’t call very much — the one you know you should call but just haven’t got round to for a long time. …

The time has come for radical change

Nearly 8 years ago, I said business schools were going to be disrupted.

They’ve long been over-priced and most lecturers don’t want to teach, instead they just want to do research, which makes for a terrible student experience overall.

I argued that business schools would need to re-conceptualise their relationship with students by seeing them as valued customers; in what would be a more business oriented approach to the provision of education.

Innovation is an uncertain journey— you never really know where you’ll end up or even if you’ll be successful at all.

What we do know though, is just turning your idea into a reality isn’t enough; you have to generate some kind of value from it — both for your customers and for your for your business.

Innovation is the messy process of turning an idea into reality and capturing value from it.

But with so many new opportunities to create value, the question is, where do you start? …

Learning isn’t always fun. Especially, when you find something out about yourself that isn’t as positive as you thought it might be.

Just ask my good friend Spencer Ayres.

Last week, we sat down to record Episode 3 of our new podcast The Spen and Nick Show and I semi-unintentionally made him feel quite uncomfortable.

Photo Credit: Hello I’m Nik

We’re both fans of Carol Dweck’s book Mindset and this week I wanted to discuss it in relation to leadership.

A unique opportunity for budding and early stage founders

If you know me, then you know I love learning new things and sharing what I learn with any one who will listen.

One of my favourite topics is innovation – that is, coming up with ideas and turning them into reality.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” — Steve Jobs

It doesn’t matter whether you work in a startup or a large corporate –many of the tools and processes are the same.

The trouble is it’s not always an easy process.

In fact it can be an incredibly lonely and uncertain journey, meaning most people tend to…

Masquerade (MSQRD), the selfie filter app, was sold to Facebook in 2016.

Sergey Gonchar (Founder & CTO of MSQRD) gave some advice to a lucky group of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in London this week.

I’d like to share with you the five main things I learnt from him.

1. You need to have a vision for how your company will become a $1b company from the very beginning.

To be worth $1 billion, you’ll need a lot of users. So make a strategy for how to acquire them and then execute it. That’s exactly what Sergey and his team did! …

Last week I had a phone call with my mentor and he strongly suggested I check out Jay Shetty.

I’d seen some of his videos before but didn’t know much about him so I did some research.

Jay’s videos have been viewed by millions of people around the world, he’s created content for The Huffington Post, Facebook and National Geographic and he’s interviewed Deepak Chopra, Tim Ferriss and Russell Brand.

Ohh and he used to be a monk.

I’ve spent the last few days analysing and dissecting his approach and I’ve written this post to share what I learnt with…

Mindapps Instagram

Imagine your brain is like a computer. In the same way that a computer is only as good as the software running on it, your brain is only as good as the quality of your thinking.

Unfortunately, the software, or thinking process, many of us still use today was designed 2,400 years ago, by the Greek philosophers Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

This process is called ‘argument’ — you have an idea and I have a different idea, then we both argue with each other to find out which one is better.

It’s slow, stressful and the best idea doesn’t always…

6 easy tips, you might not know about, that really work.

Do you ever find yourself aimlessly staring at your phone?

If you’re anything like me, then definitely.

It’s because your phone was designed in a way to make you spend as much time on it as possible. The more time you spend on it, the more money tech companies make.

It’s not all bad though, phones are really useful and they bring a lot of benefits (like I just used mine to write this post.) But we need to make sure we use them with care.

Otherwise, our mental wellbeing could be at risk.

I’d like to share a few…

Photo credit: Ben White

It’s rare to get the chance to understand how and where some of the world’s best CEOs do their thinking.

Unless of course, you’re Reid Hoffman.

As part of his podcast, Masters of Scale, he interviews CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg, Brian Chesky and Reed Hastings. And one question he asks them all is:

“What’s your favourite place to think big?”

Unfortunately, he’s never shared the answers to this question before.

Until now.

Where CEOs like to go to think big

Here are some examples taken from the last episode of the second series.

“Oh my god. The Walt Disney family museum.” Brian Chesky (CEO, Airbnb)​

“Running by the…

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I love learning new things and sharing what I learn through blogs, videos and workshops. www.nickhimo.com

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