My problem of violence related to nature very well. Competition and violent physical altercations are common in nature and stem from deeply primordial instincts. Using this relationship, I believe it is possible to utilize nature to help reduce violence in society by providing a safe and productive outlet for aggression, and/or a means of relaxation. Things like hiking and trail running provide escapes from the stresses of daily life, and also release numerous hormones which relax you and make you feel good. By performing exercises in nature, we learn to separate our releases of aggression and stress from society and daily life, and would be less likely to lash out and behave violently in inappropriate situations. Other activities like hunting and fishing teach patience and are good at reducing stress and having fun. Shooting is also a lot of fun and a good outlet for healthy competition among peers, making destructive competitive behavior less likely in society. Nature is a fun, relaxing, healthy, and educational environment which one could utilize to help prevent violence in inappropriate situations.