My tried and true techniques for a better mood

Everyone feels depressed and anxious from time to time. However, some of us are more susceptible to it than others. I’m one of those folks that struggle to keep an even keel and not to be depressed and anxious.

I’ve been this way for many years, and as a result, I’ve come up with a plan for dealing with it when I do feel bad. These twelve things work for me, and I hope they can work for you too.

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I remember it always passes

There is one thing that has been true every single time I’m depressed or anxious: I get over it. It passes. And most often, that which I was worried about happening never comes to pass. …

Let me tell you three stories. They are all about me, and they all happened during my junior high days in the mid-1970s. Each story is about a kid that I wanted to punch. They all have a common theme that will be quite clear. (I have changed everyone’s name to keep things simpler.)

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Dan the Bully

One early spring day, I was walking with two friends, Mark and Ben. We had finished our lunch, and after a long Minnesota winter, it was nice to have a few minutes to be outside on a pleasant spring day.

There were only a few kids outside, so we noticed when Dan and his friend were walking towards us. Dan was a big, pugnacious kid with one of those faces that looks like he lost twenty-three straight boxing matches. He was, in short, a bully. Mark, Ben, and I were all much smaller and no match for Dan. …

It’s layered all the way down.

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The software of today is made up of a rather long series of layers, with each layer reducing the complexity and increasing the capabilities of software developers.

The first developers literally programmed in ones and zeros. They had nothing more than that — pure binary. Heck, in the beginning, the notion of “programming” didn’t even really involve software, but rather the manipulation of hardware — physically flipping switches to alter the bit settings on the device.

But soon enough, along came an assembler, which is a layer of abstraction over binary code. Then Grace Murray Hopper invented the notion of a compiler, and this brought about human-readable languages. …


Nick Hodges

Thanks for reading me. I write about all kinds of things. You can find out more about me at nickhodges.com

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