VR Sketch Sheets
Saara Kamppari

Saara, this is a great effort, thank you! Being able to storyboard VR and 360 video is a definite challenge. I notice that your template focuses on the horizontal field of view but doesn’t really factor in the vertical.

The more 360 videos I watch, the more it seems that 360 film makers expect the viewer to scan horizontally but rarely, if ever, to look up or down. I can’t decide whether this is a lack of directorial skill on their part (i.e. they don’t know how to write or film something that will encourage the viewer to raise or lower their gaze) or whether they are responding to human nature where the great majority of people only occasionally remove their eyes from the horizon ahead of them.

How can VR and 360 video makers encourage the viewer to look up / down without it being too blindingly obvious? And, how can we story board in true 3D? That is going to be a real challenge!