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Banking on Writing Blog Posts as Your Road to Financial Freedom? Here’s What You Need to Know

Nicki Krawczyk
Feb 28 · 4 min read

The first time I made six figures as a copywriter was in 2008.

Right in the middle of the Great Recession.

Right after I left my full-time job to go freelance.

But there’s something we need to get clear on right away: Blog writing is not the same thing as copywriting.

Copywriting is writing that’s designed to sell or persuade. It’s emails, websites, sales pages, banner ads, direct mail, even billboards.

Copywriting is about making connections — connecting people who have a want or need with the solution to that want or need by writing in a way that resonates with them.

(Spoiler alert: It’s insanely valuable, which is why copywriters get paid so well. Oh, and it’s fun.)

Blogs are content — or writing that’s designed to educate, entertain, or inspire. Content helps companies establish their expertise, get ranked on search engines, and can help get some traffic to a site.

(PSA: Be wary of any instructors who don’t know the difference between copy and content. That’s not a good sign…)

Copy drives action. Content supports attention. Both have their place in a business, but one earns a writer much more money. Hint, hint: It’s the one that can drive sales.

I’m not at all saying that you can’t make a living writing blog posts — you certainly can. But content is known as a “churn and burn” industry. In order to make a decent living, you have to write a lot — which is fine at first, but it eventually leads to burnout.

On top of that, besides a natural aptitude for writing, you don’t need many additional skills to be a blog writer. (And, please, know that I don’t mean that as a dig at content writers. They do good work.) But what that means is that blog writing is easy to get into…which floods the market…which drives down prices.

So what kind of prices are we talking about? As an industry average, 10 cents a word is a very GOOD rate.

That’s $100 for a 1,000-word blog post. And, at first, that sounds good. But sit down and see how long it actually takes you to write a 1,000-word blog post (on a topic that would be provided by a client — not your own topic). Then, imagine having to do that 3 times over (3000 words or $300), every day, just to make a good living.

Yes, you absolutely can do that for a while. But you WILL burn out.

Instead, imagine spending a day writing a sales page and making $1,500 or $2000 for just that project. Sounds better, don’t you think? Especially when you have a proven system in place to help you find, pitch, and land plenty more of those clients.

Copywriting requires more strategy (and some training and practice — but what good-paying career doesn’t?), so companies are willing to pay much more for copy than for content. They can directly tie good copy to increased revenue—and they can’t do that with content.

So, copywriting is a good career at any time. But what about during an economic downturn?

As I said, the first time I hit $100,000+ as a copywriter was in 2008, right during the middle of the Great Recession.

Why then? Because, yes, sadly, companies were laying off staff left and right. But here’s the key:

**They still needed copy because copy drives business.**

So while they were laying off staff, they were bringing on freelancers to help them keep their businesses afloat and continue making money.

That is definitely NOT the case with content. Content is important, absolutely, but it’s not a business necessity. Content writers — blog post writers — will have an *extremely* hard time getting work and clients in any kind of economic depression.

And that’s on top of already being faced with a flooded market and competition that’s willing to write for two cents a word.

There are people out there who are teaching blog writing as the “dream job” for writers — which is clearly not the case, anyway — but they’re also people who were too young to actually be working during the last recession. They’ve never seen anything but economies and businesses flush with cash. And that’s not how things always are.

People out there will tell you that you can’t make a good living as a writer and let me assure you that that is 100% incorrect. Sure, it’s sad but true that you can’t make a good living as a novelist, blogger, or even journalist anymore.

But as a six-figure copywriter who trains other six-figure copywriters, I can tell you that copywriting is an excellent way for someone who loves writing to make an excellent income.

Copywriting can get give you a fulfilling career with a fantastic income, the flexibility to work when, where, and how you want, and the opportunity to control your workload and your income — even in spite of a bad economy.

Blog writing can be fun. And it can be a way to dip your toes into getting paid for writing. But if you’re banking on it as your plan for financial freedom — or even security — you’re in for a rude awakening.

If this has piqued your interest and you want to learn more about copywriting, I have a free video training for you to watch. Click here to sign up for access: https://filthyrichwriter.com/free-video-training

Nicki Krawczyk

Written by

Nicki Krawczyk has been a copywriter for more than 15 years. She also teaches people to become professional copywriters at www.FilthyRichWriter.com

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