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Today we are delighted to announce that we have engaged in a mutual investment partnership with Animoca Brands, a publicly traded developer and publisher of internationally recognized mobile games and brands including Beast Quest, Ben 10, Garfield, Doraemon and Astro Boy.

Animoca has recently emerged as a leader in blockchain gaming through their commercial relationship with Axiom Zen and Dapper Labs, the creators of CryptoKitties, and their acquisition of Pixowl, who are launching a blockchain version of their hit game Sandbox.

At Harmony, we share Animoca’s vision that gaming will drive large scale adoption for blockchain technology. Gamers have been early adopters and drivers of new technology trends through internet gaming and graphics cards, and we believe it will be the same for blockchain. …

Hello Harmony Community,

Following our latest project update, our team will be touring through China in the upcoming two weeks. We have a few events that we would love for you to attend if you happen to be in Beijing or Shanghai. Please spread the word to your channels so we can reach as many people as possible.

9/22 — Internet 3.0 Event at 3W Cafe in Beijing
9/25 — Tsinghua Tech Talk and Fireside Chat in Beijing
9/27 — Internet 3.0 Event with Angelhack in Shanghai
9/29 — Blockchain & AI Meetup co-hosted with Bottos.ai in Shanghai

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You can also get in touch by joining our WeChat channels for Beijing and Shanghai. We are excited to meet you all!

See you in China!
-The Harmony Team


Nick White

Co-Founder at Harmony, a high-throughput, low-latency and low-fee consensus platform | We are hiring! Apply at http://harmony.one/jobs

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