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This isn’t a dating show. Hillary didn’t have to be perfect for us, she just had to work for us. It breaks my heart seeing what she went through. She was always getting knocked down from everyone around her, even her damn husband. But what did she do? She rolled up her sleeves and fought for children, for healthcare and for women’s rights. There are so many stories out there of people who have personally been helped by her and they still to this day have Hillary checking up on them. In her campaign, Hillary worked tirelessly on policies that the news paid zero percent of time talking about. She had a plan for almost everything. She updated her website constantly with plans to help homeless gay youth, to provide AIDS medication to those in need, to work with police and urban communities, to help women get equal pay, to help small businesses, to promote more love and kindness and most importantly she fought against racism. She was the candidate that was able to stand with the mothers of innocent children killed and say “Black Lives Matter” but all we focused on was whether she would say the words “Radical Jihadists”. She fought an honorable fight against racism because in the end, that’s what people voted in favor of. “Take back America” and “make America great again” weren’t about the economy; they were code for “don’t let the brown man be equal to us”. Hillary believed that this country and its different colors were what made America great already and I’m not sorry that she lost fighting for that belief. No one puts themselves through this much work and this much abuse for so many years just for a title- they do it because they care. I will always support the person who fights with their heart over their ego.