Innovative rail transport solution

Railcoop develops an innovative rail transport offer in France adapted to the needs of all regions by running on demand freight trains (since November 2021) and soon passenger service (expected in December 2022)

Railcoop is a SCOP (cooperative limited company) and Alive Ideas is one of its members since 2021.

Based in Figeac, France.


Transmission and safeguarding of know-how thanks to AR

Spectral offers an internal Saas platform for augmented maintenance that helps, guides and trains technicians during maintenance operations on complex industrial equipments.

Seed funding by Alive Ideas via Telecom Booster 2018.

Based in Evry, France.


Online publication & community focused on technology

Created as a webzine in 1997 by the founders of Alive Ideas, it grew as a leading French tech website. Sold in 2008 to M6 group, it has been bought back in 2018 by its managers associated to Alive Ideas.

Buyback funded by Alive Ideas.

Based in Lyon, France.


Smart router for online payments

Automatically routes transactions to the best payment provider: start using multiple payment providers, pay fewer fees and reduce the number of declined transactions.

ProcessOut is a Techstars alumni. Seed funding by Alive Ideas.

In February 2020, .

Based in Paris, France.


Nicolas ROSSET

Inspector Gadget @ & Mapado

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