The Good Design

The most impressive and best design for a building on campus is the campus library. As it is a place for studying and academic success it is built to be the beautiful and community focused heart of the university. This modern art deco style of a clock tower symbolizes timeliness and achievement, both of which are the first steps toward success.
The library is designed to cater to all forms of study, the natural lighting from the large windows helps to reduce stress, the comfortable couches and chairs placed by these windows provide an “at home” feel while reading mind numbing textbooks. Lastly, the armies of wooden tables, chairs, and whiteboards aim to assist large study groups and promote a sense of community and academic success. This floor layout is repeated across all three floors of the building.
The library isn’t stuck in the stone age either. Both Apple and Windows computers are available as well as outlet towers for students who wish to use their own personal computer. As the vibrant colored walls and open floor plan welcome all groups and individuals to study, those who are taking courses requiring the use of a computer can also gather here.
Those who excel in their academics as a lone-wolf or those who need to block out distractions have a place fit for them here too. The hexagonal design provides enough space to spread out study material and keep the area shielded enough to ward off any unnecessary commotions. The large windows still provide natural light and a relaxing feel. The “Quiet Zone” sign will let others know that this area is where real studying goes down.