Best Practices of Construction Project Planning for Managers

Lindsey Allen
Nov 12, 2019 · 3 min read

Have you ever managed a construction project before? Do you have the skills and experience in handling men, machines, materials and construction designs? How long has been your project planning? How effectively have you organized supplies and distribution? These are some of the questions you may face while handling the tasks of construction project planning. Don’t worry, you will not be alone in doing all the things. You will have a team of engineers, designers, architects, junior managers, and an entire team of construction workers to support you. Let me tell you how you can organize and execute the projects in a professional manner.

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Scope Analysis — Fundamentals of Project Management

After putting the scope into the project document, it is time to move for the planning. You have to create a plan for materials, machines, and manpower based on the fund allocation for every aspect. In some cases, the scope of the budget may fall short of the project design. Then your client will have the option of expanding the budget or cutting short the project design. You may have to work accordingly.

Project Plan — Fund Allocation and Procurement

Similarly, you can create separate plans for the machinery and equipment, skilled and unskilled manpower, and the other requirements like power, water, transport, etc. Your worksheet should also include the What-If analysis for all the individual plans.

Alternate Plan — Troubleshooting in Crisis

Progress Control — Just in Time Management

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