I started off my career in IT as a tester or test manager and I’ve had twenty odd years of working around the world on companies big and small.

Just when I thought the IT industry had stagnated and was subsiding into a morass of blunt instruments and simplistic aphorisms…

I first encountered Agile in 1999 in London — and I wasn’t impressed. But in about 2009 I came across agile again, as head of Testing at Bankwest; and agile had changed. It had got smarter — it had grown up.

But it wasn’t until I started studying Lean that…

The Problem with Specifications

The traditional way of building software is to write down everything that the customer wants in a document called a specification or requirements document.

It doesn’t work very well.

Here’s something I wrote way back in 2005–06 :

In technical software projects, clients are generally unfamiliar with not only the…

There is a common ‘wisdom’ these days that software development should move faster. From agile to continuous delivery and DevOps, everything is about the need for speed.

But many people struggle to understand the benefits of ‘faster’.

At a gut level people believe that the faster they go the more…

One problem I often encounter in business (startup or otherwise) is a lack of clarity, a lack of direction.

As I detailed in an earlier post linking your strategic goals to your day to day activities is essential to stay on track, to stay focussed and ultimately to deliver. And…

Nick Jenkins

A thinker, writer and consultant with a passion for things Lean & Agile : www.nickjenkins.net

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