Lean Testing


Value is a central concept to Lean.

  1. Those that add value
  2. Those that don’t add value but are necessary
  3. And those that don’t add value and are unnecessary

Knowledge Work

So how do you reduce waste in software development?


Here’s the waterfall SDLC drawn as flows of information :

Executable Specifications

One method to embrace is “executable specifications” otherwise knowns as ATDD or BDD or Specification by Example, depending on which camp you’re in.


To leverage the BDD/gherkin construct you can tap into the wealth of automation available.

A Bigger Example

It works at scale too — here’s an example from HP.

No problem, is a problem

There’s a Toyota saying I love — “no problem, is a problem”.
It is the spirit of continuous improvement. It means that if you can’t see your problems then you can’t work on them and you can’t improve.



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Nick Jenkins

Nick Jenkins

A thinker, writer and consultant with a passion for things Lean & Agile : www.nickjenkins.net