Insisting on the truth in times of chaos — Jordan Peterson
David Fuller

Nice precis. I’m very aligned with your man crush in much, especially his description of the Logos which is what happens on the breakthrough curve at the bottom when we experience a personal ‘subliminal uprush’ (Myers) with contribution for the collective. However one caveat: I think — given what you have summarized and not my own close reading— that his own attack on post-modernism is his own distorted shadow at play. The critique of science / reason that Foucault engaged with is very relevant for destabalizing science / atheism from its metaphysical logofascism to allow love / heart back in to sit next to science as an equally rigorous but never empirically provable form of Knowledge / emPower. But yes, we must pass through a cacophony of deconstructed truths, into nihilism, and back out into the Truth of Being / Becoming.

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