Training for Discontent
Sarah Eisner

Very interesting reading, outlining issues I did not even realized they exist. I guess that children are getting pushed far more these days in education in almost every developed country. In Spain for instance, there are lots of parents who make their children join multiple after-school activities such as piano classes, soccer…besides the school homework.

The end result is that kids nowadays end up living like little adults, as if they worked the whole day, with almost zero chance to send some time on playing videogames, hanging out with friends, etc…

I did not have that much of stress back in my days and yet I did manage to get good grades and obtain a great education. Grades, being the best as something, are factors that open more doors. But the issue is that most of those doors lead to a continued, if not increased, stressful lifestyle.

Let our kids study, but also discover new stuff on their own, spending time on ludic activities. Do not push them too hard, but let them enjoy life a little bit more.

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