Travel for the price of English…

My name is Nick Hanna and I’m a Senior at Noblesville High School. I’m writing this today because i’m in the innovations class at Noblesville, and it has inspired me to work on developing a program that allows American students to travel to foreign countries and help kids their age improve their conversational English. English is the universal language, and many families spend thousands for their kids to learn English to give them the tools to be successful in today’s internationally dependent economy. Many of my friends and classmates want to see the world, but don’t have the finances to do so. This way, people can travel and see the world for the cost of just the plane ticket, and families will (hopefully) be willing to host someone as an English “coach” instead of paying for a tutor. If you are interested in this project or know anyone that would be interested in traveling, or even any potential host families, please get in contact with me! I will keep you posted on how the project progresses.

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