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In 2013, I had a conversation with a family friend at a dinner party.

At the time, he was a coding undergraduate, with the lofty aspiration of working at Google.

Aware of their notoriously difficult hiring process, I asked him, “Is there anywhere you’d like to work for, if you can’t get into Google? From what I hear it’s pretty competitive”.

Without skipping a beat, he responded, “The other company I’d love to work for is Amazon.”

I laughed in disbelief.

Back in 2013, Amazon didn’t seem like anything special — certainly not a tech giant rivaling the likes of…

Go to school. Get a degree. Get an office job. Get promoted. Get married. Have a few kids. Get promoted again. Retire and (If you’re lucky) spend the rest of your life living on your savings.

This is the traditional career path most people choose. It’s safe. It’s tested. And it’s respectable.

But every once in a while, there comes a natural entrepreneur who veers off the well-trodden track, in favour of the unknown.

Unwilling to commit to a lifelong career, the entrepreneur pursues a calling instead. Whether it’s an inkling to follow a passion or a yearning to build…

Four steps to becoming a better writer

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There are few voices in marketing that reign as supreme as Seth Godin’s.

To date, he’s written 19 bestselling books, owns one of the world's most successful marketing blogs and his YouTube interviews regularly rack up millions of viewers.

His way with words is hypnotic. And whether it’s his enlightening clarity, visceral storytelling, or refreshingly original perspective — there’s tonnes we can learn from this master communicator.

So, eager to grasp some of his tricks of the trade, I investigated Seth Godin’s writing habits.

After trawling through tonnes of interviews, books, podcasts, and blogs –here are my favourite teachings to…

Humans have been pondering what it means to live a good life for centuries.

While HeadSpace and Tony Robbins may not have existed back in the day — you can be sure people still yearned for a sense of meaning and contentment in their lives. It’s an inherent part of our nature.

Amongst the most profound thinkers were the Stoics.

A diverse group ranging from slaves to emperors, Stoicism is a philosophy that is was designed to both simple and highly applicable — regardless of a person’s circumstance.

Instead of fretting about the chaos the world, the Stoics believed in…

To be frank, most of us suck at self-discipline.

Instead of carrying out actions and habits we know will exponentially elevate the quality of our lives — we drift toward the path of least resistance.

And it’s no wonder…

Social Media. Games Consoles. Fast Food. Shopping. Drugs and Alcohol. Netflix.

These activities ooze dopamine. We become addicted. And before we know it, getting motivated to achieve our aspirations feels like an impossible task.

Enter Ex-Navy SEAL, David Goggins.

For those of you not yet unacquainted, here’s a list of some of his accomplishments:

  • The only person to go through three…

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This is my social media consumption in a nutshell:

Browse the internet. Too much choice. Overwhelm. Selecting one of a handful of my favourite channels. Repeat.

And on my digital journey, there’s one channel I keep frequenting— The Joe Rogan Experience.

And it’s not just me, there are over 200,000,000 others who download his podcast every month — not to mention the millions he racks up on every YouTube video of each interview. His audience figures are mega, often reaching higher than most billion-dollar news networks like CNN or Fox.

Therefore it’s not surprising that Spotify snatched up the JRE…

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There are few things more exciting than buying an Apple product.

Everything about the branding, minimalist design and intuitive interface is stunning.

Sliding the lid off the box. Peeling of the screen’s protective film. Setting up the device in a mere three steps. It’s enough to give an ASMR fan a heart attack.

For such a seductive experience, it’s not surprising that Apple has sold over two billion iPhones. And naturally, their stock price has continued to skyrocket, transforming them into a two trillion dollar behemoth — it’s crazy.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the…

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Elon Musk is an entrepreneurial anomaly.

He’s one of two people to founded three billion-dollar companies. And as of June 2020, his ventures amount to a total value of over $200 billion.

Yet somehow amongst all of this chaos, he still finds enough time to review memes and appear on episodes of “Rick and Morty” — it’s truly baffling.

Naturally, there’s plenty we can learn from Elon Musk.

After studying him for a while, here are three of the most powerful startup lessons, I think we can learn:

1. Know Your “Why”

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy.

Breaking into a new market, creating a product and…

The basics from 1966

Eugene Schwartz is one of the best copywriters in history.

His sales record speaks for itself. Here’s just a fraction of his accomplishments:

  • He wrote a television advert that sold to one in every 14 American TV owners
  • He made $50 million dollars from a textbook on natural health
  • He received over two million orders on a fishing lure

And in 1966, he wrote a book called “Breakthrough Advertising,” which is widely regarded as the holy grail of copywriting books. He’s an absolute genius at writing successful copywriting campaigns.

Here are seven of the biggest lessons we can learn from…

Outrageous and fun? Honest and quirky? Which one will it be?

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Normally when we consider how to make a memorable brand, it’s tempting to start with the visual aesthetics. But there’s something even more important to bear in mind — your brand’s tone of voice.

What Is Tone of Voice?

Simply put, it’s the emotion and personality behind your brand in written or spoken form.

Whether we’re talking about feeling inspiration from Nike, reassurance from Dove, or informed by the BBC. It’s not the services or products we remember, it’s how they make us feel.

The way you express your sales message can have a huge impact on the way people engage with it. If you…

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