What the Aziz Ansari allegation teaches us about consent
Amanda Alcantara

Dear all friends of all sex kind !

I have run into same situations many times. As a man, I know how hard it is to back off when you get involved half way, you have erection and there is not enough blood in your brain. You just want to have it .

When I saw any discomfort, I could stop and step back. I hated the situation she caused me and I hated her. I knew she is not for me so I stop it right here.

Then they almost always tried to get me back in bed and they couldn’t.

The next day, they apologized and regret what they had done the night before. But it was over for me. I don’t want that girl in my at least sexual life.

You girls out there better know what you do. pushing with hands and pulling with legs doesn’t work always ! And then going ahead complaining to a whole society and making the guy loose his face ! Help me with the best words, describing you as a woman ?