What a Year of Nothing Taught Me

What 1.5 years of nothing looks like on Facebook

Doing nothing is okay.

If you do nothing long enough, it will become something.

In fact, doing nothing is—immediately—doing something. Just not the way you were doing it before.

Most things take longer than a day, or year to change.

There is more than one right time for an idea. Ideas stick around. They like to go by different names.

Disconnecting from people and networks won’t automatically make your life more peaceful, productive, or meaningful.

Most skills and knowledge are stored collectively. It will grow back when you connect with people.

Being trapped in one persona can paralyze you. You can’t escape yourself, but preserve your freedom to take on more than one identity. When you can’t do any more under one name, find a new one.

Being alone or in a crowd can paralyze you. Progress comes from small groups working alongside each other.

The most important things still happen privately. The most important ideas still come from those who watch silently.

“Do you mean we should do nothing? Just sit and wait?” One should gather the courage to answer: “YES, precisely that!” There are situations when the only truly “practical” thing to do is to resist the temptation to engage immediately and to “wait and see” by means of a patient, critical analysis. Engagement seems to exert its pressure on us from all directions.

— Slavoj Žižek

“Do you think me a learned, well-read man?”
“Certainly,” replied Zi-gong. “Aren’t you?”
“Not at all,” said Confucius. “I have simply grasped one thread which
links up the rest.”

Sima Qian, “Confucius”

Our world is not more
transparent now.
It’s more opaque.
It’s in the shadows.

— M, Skyfall(2012)