HOW I GOT INTO THERAPY 2 minute read

Written by: Nick Keomahavong, LMFT

Real Talk with Nick

Before therapy, I was in Real Estate for 8 years. Yes 8 years. I was the top agent and Rookie of the Year at Prudential California Realty is San Diego, California. On the outside, I was living the “American Dream,” making tons of money, playing the role but inside something was off. I was unsettled.

Everything collapsed after my relationship of 5 years ended. The breakup was my first introduction to mental health. I was depressed. Life didn’t make sense. Everything I worked for meant nothing. I felt numb and empty. I spent a lot of money and did things like getting into new unhealthy relationships to fill the void. I was controlling, manipulative, and cut throat. I used people to get my needs met.

I knew something had to change because I was suffering so much. I didn’t have the language for what was happening, but I knew I could not continue living my life the way it was. One day, I quit my job as a realtor and within a week, I enrolled in school to change my career and become a therapist.

Before that, I was incongruent. My head and my heart didn’t match and I was compromising my spirit for what the physical world offered which was a sense of financial security, validation for my hard work, social status, etc…

When these things weren’t enough anymore, there was an opening for me to look deeper to discover what was missing and I learned:
You can have the car, the house, the partner and all the luxuries, but none of this is enough if you don’t have INNER PEACE and a SENSE OF SELF.

I got into therapy to heal myself and help others heal. My intention is to help people awaken to what their spirit is calling them to do and live an authentic life.